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In recent years, Zhejiang has always adhered to the fundamental requirements of high-quality development and unremittingly focused on brand building. It was the first in China to start the construction of the regional public brand of "ZHEJIANG MADE".

Taking this as the key to promote the development of the real economy. Promoting supply-side structural reform and replacement of old growth driver with new ones. ZHEJIANG MADE" always follows the requirements of "domestic first-class and international advanced", and builds the standard system of "ZHEJIANG MADE" of "good enterprise + good products". Using the high standard to lead high quality development and foster the leading and champion enterprises in advantageous industries. Constantly promote the brands at home and abroad, and finally create the "ZHEJIANG MADE" brand with high quality, independent technology, excellent reputation, and market and social recognition.

We believe that with the joint efforts of all sectors of society, “ZHEJAING MADE” will definitely become a regional brand with real international competitiveness. Become the innovation practice and benchmark of “Made in China 2025”。It will become a golden business card that Zhejiang and even China are proud of. With higher level and higher quality, we will help our province's high-quality development and construction.

YESON is the main drafter of the standard of "Mini Desktop Type-B Steam Sterilizer" of the organization of "ZHEJIANG MADE" The first company in the industry that has passed the certification of Zhejiang Manufacturing International Certification Alliance and acquire the certificate of "ZHEJIANG MADE"

we are the manufacturer of the chain of sterilization products incl autoclave,ultrasonic cleaner,handpiece lubricator,and pouch sealer in China.




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