Thermal Handled Sealer For Medicine Use
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Thermal Handled Sealer For Medicine Use

P3 fast-cutting sealer: Precisely made for dental clinics.

Groundbreaking paper-feeding: Feeding paper easily, which reduce the working load of clinical nurses. Efficiency are achieved at least 2times faster.

Friendly human computer interface: LCD display, acoustic&visual prompt, paper-cutting counts,over-heating protection, stand by protection, overtime reminder...

Efficient: seal and cut simultaneously up to 4 rolls efficiency are achieved at least 4 times faster.

Sterile pouch free from loading: thoughtful loading design of pouch, free nurse from tendious and laborious work.

Heat rod is flat with the work panel,feeding easily and sealing firmly.

Consumables (press bar, blades) can be replaced easily.

Wide sealing range, even 300mm wide sterile pouch can be sealed.

Over-heating protection.

Working temperature is adjustable.



YSSM01A (P3)

Power supply


Max width of sealing

300 mm

Sealing band width


Temperature range


Dimension(L X W X H)

517 X 283 X 205 mm

Net weight


Gross weight




0V8A26010V8A26020V8A26040V8A26050V8A26110V8A26032pearl sheel sealer-P3 seriesP3-SEALER.3sealer p3-1(1)SEAL P3-4SEAL P3-31

PEARL SHELLR   Fast-cutting porch sealer P1
This equipment is necessary in the disinfection room. After the instruments cleaned, they need be packed in porches and sealed before


1)Equipped with a handed-roll paper feeding mechanism, very convenient to feed;
2)Friend human computer interface
3) The paper cutting blade and sealing layer can be replaced without disassembly;
4) The sealing temperature and time can be adjusted. Suitable for sealing sterilization bags with different materials and thickness.;
5)Automatic constant temperature control, small temperature error.
6)Stable heat tube,more safer.( if the heat tube is movable, the cable will wear to breaken)

 Technical specifications

Voltage AC220V~240V±10%,50Hz,Max 780W
environment requirements Indoor
sealing width 12mm
Max sealing length 300mm
Fuse specifications F5AL250V
Net weight 8Kg
Gross weight 11Kg
Max expansion dimensions 539mm*517mm*205mm
Package dimensions: 566mmx360mmx261mm

we are the manufacturer of the chain of sterilization products incl autoclave,ultrasonic cleaner,handpiece lubricator,and pouch sealer in China.




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